Thursday, July 28, 2011

Campus Minister = Interpreter

As I was cleaning my bathroom today, I was reflecting a lot on Bangladesh, what happened, and my role as the director. My staff team and I, along with last year's director, met yesterday to debrief what we did well and what we need to improve on. It was a great time and I learned a lot about myself, how I lead, and the areas I need to grow in.

Back to today. I was washing the shower, very focused on scrubbing the walls. Out of nowhere, a thought pops into my head: "My job as a director, and as a campus minister, is to re-interpret situations for my team and my students". This thought never crossed my mind while I was in Bangladesh. I wish that it did, because it would have helped me focus on what I needed to do.

When you're leading a Global Partnership, there's always 37 things on your mind, plus another 4 people asking questions. It's hard to take space, gain perspective, and lead well. That was my downfall this time and it made me lead from a reactionary posture, rather than leading with vision and having others follow me.

That's probably why I forgot my job was to re-interpret situations for my team, in their placements, in the people they saw, and in the thoughts going through their mind. This led to a lot of confusion and questions of what we were doing and why. Nevertheless, God used our team to make an impact on the Bangladeshi people and He certainly impacted us.

I will spend more time thinking about what it means that my job is to re-interpret experiences and situations for my students on campus. For now, though, I marvel again at how God uses imperfect people, like me. to do His will.

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